BinaryNetworks Family of Companies

BinaryLab is a full-service cybersecurity firm based in Washington, D.C., serving a variety of private sector organizations and local state governments in the United States and worldwide. Through BinaryShield, BinaryLab’s advisory services, clients are provided tailored, proactive solutions focused on risk mitigation and defense-in-depth strategies that improve network security, enhance regulatory compliance, and give stakeholders the needed visibility to be a trusted data host. BinaryResponse, the breach response services arm of BinaryLab, focuses on four core tenants to address the most devastating nation-state adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures: identification, containment, eradication, and remediation of victim networks. BinaryResponse’s end-to-end solutions include technical leadership from the fields of forensics and network remediation to resolve complex, malicious threats with a keen focus on risk and a speedy return to operations.