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Check Your Network

BinaryShield offers several assessments to review networks, scrutinize security systems, and outline proactive strategies to help keep your business safer.

BinaryLab - BinaryResponse Incidence Response

Incidence Response

BinaryResponse uses today’s top technology and expert digital forensic knowledge to respond to cyber threats.

BinaryLab Remediation Operations Slide

Remediation Operations

After an attack, BinaryResponse engineers work with clients to build a custom remediation plan to get networks operational.

BinaryLab SOC Assestment Slide

SOC Assessment

A service organization control (SOC) assessment is ideal for businesses, non-profits, and other organizations that want a proactive approach to risk management.


BinaryLab Client Philosophy

Cybersecurity services to keep you and your business safe

The nature of playing defense states that if your adversary is successful once, you lose. Like cybersecurity and the connection cyber technologies provide, threats constantly attempt to find that single point of failure and monetize it. At BinaryLab, we understand the crucial role technology plays in connecting all areas of business, and how quickly network compromises can turn into a financial liability and potentially ruin reputations. Our team of cross-industry experts provides clients with critical advisory, infrastructure support, and incident management services. From security assessments, tabletop exercises, and vulnerability management to network rebuilding and security control enforcement, the BinaryLab team works with clients to create custom solutions for their unique needs.


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@ECohenCPAs: Information collected through social media platforms can prove invaluable to cybersecurity investigations & analyses. @ECohenCPAs’ subsidiary @BinaryLabLLC’s Chief #Cybersecurity Officer Sergio Orellana breaks down what you need to know here:
@_BinaryNetworks: #DYK #data collected from #socialmedia can be a critical form of evidence for certain cybersecurity investigations and analyses? @_BinaryNetworks' sister company @BinaryLabLLC's Chief #Cybersecurity Officer Sergio Orellana explains more here:
Social media metadata has been demonstrated to provide invaluable insight as evidence during criminal investigations & internal company investigations into employee misconduct. @BinaryLabLLC’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer Sergio Orellana explains more here:
@BinaryLabLLC is growing! We are excited to introduce Mike Carlson as our new #Remediation Engineer. He has 6+ years of experience in #InformatonTechnology and is currently studying to complete his master's degree in #cybersecurity from @umdglobalcampus. #WelcomeToTheTeam Mike!
Say hello to @BinaryLabLLC! We are proud to announce the launch of our new #cybersecurity company, which offers advisory & breach-response services for a variety of organizations. Learn more about BinaryLab & our array of other #ITServices on our website:

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